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REAR Strut bar Honda Civic Civic / CRX - 88-00

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Front Strut bar Honda Civic Civic / CRX - 88-00 

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We produce strut bar/roll bar/ harness bar/ xbar for almost all models of cars, our offer is continuously expanded with new items. Each product is carefully made from the highest quality materials. Employees have all the powers to perform construction stalowych- welding certificates, MAG / TIG welding.

All parts are made of structural steel, which provides the strength and rigidity.
Each product is powder-selected color.
Under the primer coating is zinc, which prevents corrosion.
Our struts are-piece thus are much stiffer and stronger than the struts at eBay

We approach each client individually, if you do not have in our offer struts for your car, please contact us!

The main advantages and reasons for the use of strut bar :
stiffening of the body
better handling car in the corners
recommended for sports suspension
improves ride comfort
prevents cracking the windshield
recommended in any older car
prevent the "collapse" of cups
and many more ...

The auction is strut suspension in the car:

Front Strut bar Honda Civic Civic / CRX - 88-00 

Strut bar made of structural steel, anchorage to laser-cut goblets. Project struts converted in Inventor. strut bar are characterized by durability, performance and good looks. All products are powder, the selected color. The white color in the price, other colors + 10euro! 

Most Popular colors:
- Matte black
- Red
- orange
- blue

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If our auctions no struts for your car - just write!